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Who Knew?

If you have been in a paint store, chosen fabrics or wallpaper to decorate your space, you know how important color is in our world. In fact medical sites use pink to calm people. So, one must wonder what administrators were thinking when they built public schools with gray and split-pea green! Granted, some newer […]

13 Dec 16 Michelle Cubas

Use the “F” Word at Work: FUN

In today’s stressful work environment, fun must be baked in to our workflow to offer comic relief. Leaders must encourage humor and positive expression to slice through the thick veil of cynicism and stress. A fun thing I read about was beginning each sales or staff meeting with 10 minutes of stand up comedy, open […]

13 Oct 16 Michelle Cubas

Strategy container defines resources–maps a path

Strategy is a powerful process. Here are several observations about strategy after serving and coaching thousands of clients: I find many confuse strategy, vision, objectives, and goals. Defining terms is one of the first steps clients and I take together. Clients have an expectation for the results they want to achieve. However, there may be […]

22 Sep 16 Michelle Cubas

Join the VMP™ to boost your Emotional Intelligence

Following Carolyn Myss’ model of cultural development, humans moved from a dependent to independent mindset as cultural developed. Myss contends the next effective step will be interdependence. After several company projects, I recognized a universal gap that prevented the leadership from moving the organization forward. I initiated the VMP™ process as a response to that […]

08 Jan 16 Michelle Cubas

Get rid of the -ING!

A verb with an – ing ending dilutes your message . This is a gerund (grammatical) a verb that acts like a noun but is a weaker verb. Also, the -ing ending implies an ongoing situation, while using the verb is more direct and firm. This is useful when you write a speech, scripts, or […]

08 Jan 16 Michelle Cubas

Being an Accelerator Leadership Style Readies Organizations for Innovation

Using Karin Hurt’s premise of 7 Roles of an Exceptional Leader, I see myself as an “Accelerator.” You can review the others here.   What is an Accelerator? This leadership style is off script . . . intentionally, rather than a “seat-of-the-pants” approach. The Accelerator clearly puts forth ideas to stimulate the team but doesn’t […]

07 Oct 15 Michelle Cubas

Reward yourself and collect your Coach Cubas Coins . . .

Rewards make the world go round. That’s why I created the Coach Cubas Coins. They are a fun way to connect and redeem for products and services because you took the time to check in. Also, the coins are useful to reward your team members and keep them engaged with what’s important to you and […]

03 Sep 15 Michelle Cubas

Steps to Futurize Your Business

Want a noteworthy differentiator? Futurize Your Business. Futurize your business in shifting markets with these simple and systematic steps. Only two elements are required to apply them: 1. An open mind 2. Resourcefulness, not competitiveness. Here’s your action plan! * Keep a log of personal and staff meetings even if you are the only employee. […]

16 Jul 15 Michelle Cubas

Entrepreneur Mastery Academy Insights

Your Always On Resource to Support Your Concepts and Courage as an Entrepreneur or Intra-Preneur! A key hallmark of real entrepreneurs is a thirst for learning. They are knowledge seekers. That’s one way they attract followers to their vision. Often demonstrating innate emotional intelligence, these masterful “idea weavers” create wealth and opportunity for those around […]

04 Apr 15 Michelle Cubas

Within the Coaching Environment

  Within the coaching environment download. Browser does not support iframe   

08 Mar 15 Michelle Cubas

Is Risk Management in your future?

A colleague in a Linked In Operational Excellence Group created a significant entry into the Lean management world. Enjoy her wisdom here. How we manage risk in our lives and careers now takes center stage. Everything moves so quickly, we can miss vital elements that have life-changing impact on us. This is what I call […]

10 Feb 15 Michelle Cubas

The Contagious Multi-Dimensional Leadership Style Defined

Leadership can be contagious. That’s the secret sauce! Multi-Dimensional Leaders head smooth running, self-directed organizations. They are attractive because of the high performance, high reward environments, and energetic pace set by the leader. Learn these techniques, and apply them instantly to your circumstances. Enjoy the positive results and “payoffs” from becoming the Multi-Dimensional Leader. The […]

14 Nov 14 Michelle Cubas

Calling All Purple Squirrels!

This is definitely hunting but not in the usual outback sense. http://bit.ly/YhXgPX

27 Jul 14 Michelle Cubas

Enterprise Dynamics—Employee Engagement is About Purpose

What’s your premise about employees whether you’re the boss or the worker?Do you think people work just for a paycheck? As a coach, I ask what keeps people returning to a job over time?Where do personal values fit in? As a business coach, I find people at all levels make life more complicated than it […]

10 Apr 14 Michelle Cubas

Thinking outside the box? Why are you in the box at all?

Everyone talks about thinking outside the box. My questions is, “Why are you in ’the box’ in the first place? You may find deeper insights here to generate your thinking cap: ·      First, whose box is it? ·      Who said it was a good idea? ·      Why is it important to be in a box? […]

18 Feb 14 Michelle Cubas

Entrepreneur Shuffle

Here are several lessons learned along the journey of entrepreneurism: People are limited by what they know. After 13 years in large corporations, I knew I could serve SOHO businesses and entrepreneurs more effectively as my own company. Positive Potentials LLC was born out of that burning desire.  Freedom is a personal value for me. […]

26 Nov 13 Michelle Cubas

Reflection is tricky

“I can’t go back to yesterday – because I was a different person then. ” – Lewis CarrollSaw this quote on Jennifer Nguyen’s Facebook page. It encapsulated what I wanted to say about reflection. Think of the magnitude of this statement. We’re all racing into the future when we may just miss the “door opening […]

03 Nov 13 Michelle Cubas

QuickStudy™ Snippet Learning

CTI-Certified CPCC and Formally Trained Co-Active Coach   Coaching/Professional and Personal Are you really who you think you are?                 Feel like you’re off track?                             No results to show for your efforts? There is a more direct way to achieve fulfillment and find support in your work and personal life. Being with a coach […]

16 Jun 13 Michelle Cubas

Please post your input

One of my roles with clients is to help them to make a choice. Your input is welcome. Thank you. Regards,Coach Cubas Please prioritize which tagline you prefer. http://feeds2.feedburner.com/blogspot/qDYb c7e4232e6ad5e385652b43c83aeae033-1331863127

16 Apr 13 Michelle Cubas

Influence is B.L.I.S.S supports NYT Article Premise

In the interview with Host Patricia Hirsh, Influence i s B.L.I.S.S., she zoomed into the idea of setting up your “work cred” with giving before getting. That meant helping a colleague with an overloaded schedule or just taking a moment to listen. This terrific article is worth two-minutes reading time: “Is Giving the Secret to […]

09 Apr 13 Michelle Cubas

Collaboration is really sharing

Oh, how we love to change the names of things; I chuckle when I hear gurus tout collaboration as a hearty business tool. Consider open source and crowd sourcing as two ways to collaborate effectively; these are tools. Collaboration is really a mindset.It is more about how will you project your creative juices at a […]

21 Jul 12 Michelle Cubas

New Perspectives on How to Best Serve

A dear friend forwarded an inspirational article I’ve included in this entry. The theme enlivens and emphasizes how words matter and have different energies. Often, without being aware we diminish others with our good intentions. We may take power from them by implying they are weak and need help, or we may satisfy ourselves while […]

17 Apr 12 Michelle Cubas

5 Tips To Energize Your Job Search

A Twitter colleague asked me a pertinent question about job searching. I said I would respond in the blog. Let’s begin.  5 Tips To Energize Your Job Search:  1. What turns you on? What do you love to do even if you did not receive payment. Famous Footballer Dick Butkus shared that idea with me. […]

17 Apr 12 Michelle Cubas

Michelle Cubas People Purpose Profits Productivity 04/12 by Best People We Know | Blog Talk Radio

Michelle Cubas People Purpose Profits Productivity by Best People We Know | Blog Talk Radio Enjoy a conversation about the state of the current marketplace as it relates to working with people, not companies. As always, your comments serve us to improve. Thank you. MC http://feeds2.feedburner.com/blogspot/qDYb c7e4232e6ad5e385652b43c83aeae033-1331863127

15 Mar 12 Michelle Cubas

American Exceptionalism Revised

Months ago, Fareed Zacharia hosted an informative evening program, How to Restore the American Dream, and Regain U.S. #1 Footing in the World.   One of the discussion points was American Exceptionalism. Without an ape like chest-beating display, Mr. Zacharia and guests commented on two points that are rarely attributed to this characteristic, especially by […]

15 Mar 12 Michelle Cubas

What Better Time To Be Contrarian?

Call it what you will. It cycles around every decade—AKA innovative, creative, progressive—it means you are different. Isn’t that the intention of marketing and earning top-of-mind share? In my business coaching practice, I am ever amazed at what little people understand about the art of running a business. My favorites, the Widget Makers, are darned […]

14 Mar 12 Michelle Cubas

Conservation is abundance

As I am prepping a new project centered on sustainability and new meanings for “green”, I return to conservation. Consider that Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, was deep into conservation. In fact, conservative comes from ones desire to manage resources and use what one needs. (Today’s mention of conservative is like a tourniquet around any change […]

13 Mar 12 Michelle Cubas

When common sense died . . .

So many meaningful articles are focused on ideas that used to be known as “Common Sense.” It may be common to one generation and not another. Here is an example on innovation. Sound contemporary advice founded on what the Silent Generation already knew! Consider the American Revolutionary, Thomas Paine, who wrote a pamphlet with that […]

24 Oct 11 Michelle Cubas

Tell Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act Now!

Tell Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act Now!: Take immediate action to end pay discrimination against women. Join Senators Boxer, Gillibrand, and Klobuchar to tell Congress that equal work deserves equal pay – pass the Paycheck Fairness Act now. How is it we are still hammering on this topic of pay disparity? Here are […]

19 Aug 11 Michelle Cubas

Solved the riddle of the Sphinx!

Thanks to Paul Krugman, I feel sane again. Although his book isn’t new, it is prophetic as in 2005 he outlines what is playing out in Washington, D.C. today. Hint for the revelation (not revolution!)—It’s not about the debt ceiling! Look up A Revolutionary Power in your dictionary (Google) and see what it says. Then […]

22 Jul 11 Michelle Cubas

Jerry Chautin: Boost Your Sales and Enhance Your Brand With Little-Known QR Codes

Just made QR (quick response) codes in a minute! Wow. This is where technology shines. This article address how realtors can use this tool, but the impact is universal. Any business can benefit.Jerry Chautin: Boost Your Sales and Enhance Your Brand With Little-Known QR Codes Try yours here. Have fun and send me your ideas. […]

22 Jul 11 Michelle Cubas

Pay to Play or Work? Hot topic for HR Professionals

What is your opinion on performance pay? Have you experienced it? I find it curious how industry compensation is arbitrarily designated to promote performance. The spotlight is often on the teaching profession, yet bonuses to Wall Street financiers are considered bonuses on their production. What is the distinction? Interestingly, money is not a motivator for […]

02 Jun 11 Michelle Cubas

The Benevolent Business Person Phenomenon

Today’s chaotic world produced a phenomenon—the benevolent business person. The wealthiest people on the planet like Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett are giving away their fortunes through their foundations. On a smaller scale, you may be considering offering your time and expertise to an organization as community service. From my involvement in corporate […]

19 May 11 Michelle Cubas

How New Paradigms Affect Your Company Culture

5 New Paradigms for a Socially Engaged Company This article raises several salient issues that are emerging as the core of new companies. One comment sounded the death knell for the top-down driven organization. The model has been on the downslide since the 1990’s. Large corporations will have difficulty with this one especially since they […]

18 May 11 Michelle Cubas

Reach out and touch your audience’s concerns

Host Deb Scott gave me a platform to discuss a pertinent business coaching issues on job creation and how to apply the 4P’s—People, Profits, Purpose, and Performance/Productivity in your business. Enjoy. Please leave feedback in the comments section. Thank you. MC  Enjoy the show here! Complimentary materials download is available at http://www.positivepotentials.com/jobdownload.htm http://feeds2.feedburner.com/blogspot/qDYb c7e4232e6ad5e385652b43c83aeae033-1331863127

15 May 11 Michelle Cubas

Protecting Consumers at the Pump: The Oil and Gas Price Fraud Working Group | The White House

Protecting Consumers at the Pump: The Oil and Gas Price Fraud Working Group | The White House While fuming and being frustrated, I’m not feeling protection at the pump of anywhere else right now. I don’t understand how oil companies make windfall profits and the market reacts otherwise. What will stabilize it? I’m all for […]

03 May 11 Michelle Cubas

When Revenge Feels So Good . . .

This is the least we can do. MC Praise to President Obama, the tactical team and the Troops. We are in your debt. Respect for your effort is underscored by the fact there were no leaks, and this mission could be carried out to a successful end. Judging from the understandable visceral reactions across the […]

02 May 11 Michelle Cubas

Email killed the conversation

Email killed the conversationThe ol’ bard has nothing to fear. Please leave comments.MC http://feeds2.feedburner.com/blogspot/qDYb c7e4232e6ad5e385652b43c83aeae033-1331863127

23 Apr 11 Michelle Cubas

Do You Make Your English Teacher Cringe?

SmartBlog on Leadership – http://smartblogs.com/leadership/ Quickly discover what is plain English. Enjoy this timely post. Thanks to Mary Ellen Slayter, Senior Editor, for publishing my article. Please leave a comment. Regards, your coach,Michelle Cubas, CPCC, ACC http://feeds2.feedburner.com/blogspot/qDYb c7e4232e6ad5e385652b43c83aeae033-1331863127

11 Apr 11 Michelle Cubas

Are You A Hero Or A Goat?

This question can be a useful tool to measure your intentions or to assist you while making a decision. We know intentions count when seeking a solution or serving a client. Just stopping long enough to ponder this silly comparison may add perspective to your choices. Here are a limited list of conditions for comparison:Heroes— […]

21 Feb 11 Michelle Cubas

One window closes, another one opens

Happy holidays to you. Each new season provides a clean slate for ideas and activities to continue to move forward.  In my S.O.S. (Simple Open Strategies) for Challenging Times group on LinkedIn, you can “drop in” on discussions raised by small business owners and enjoy tips and tactics to move through this daunting time. […]

22 Dec 10 Michelle Cubas

Oh, Just One Thing . . .

Business Influences! It has been a tumultuous year for many of my colleagues and me. This time of reflection allows for a self-applause that we are still standing! One question I have for you is what do you need to do to get out of your own way? Sounds philosophical, but sometimes we need to […]

02 Dec 10 Michelle Cubas

What Better Time To Be Contrarian?

Call it what you will. It cycles around every decade. AKA innovative, creative, progressive—it means you are different. Isn’t that the intention of marketing and earning top-of-mind share? In my business coaching practice, I am ever amazed at what little people understand about the art of running a business. My favorites, the “Widget Makers,” are […]

30 Nov 10 Michelle Cubas

TQ for a useful tool

I like the ease of use of this tool.MC in reference to: What is BlogThis! ? – Blogger Help (view on Google Sidewiki) http://feeds2.feedburner.com/blogspot/qDYb c7e4232e6ad5e385652b43c83aeae033-1331863127

30 Nov 10 Michelle Cubas

Rules of the Social Media Road

As I have been cruising through several social media sites, I am still amazed at how many people do not understand the purpose of these outlets. The sales pitches are overwhelming. I guess the attraction to “selling” is because the sites are free, and people see this as an advertising opportunity. However, in my opinion, […]

30 Nov 10 Michelle Cubas

Marketing Budgets 101—An Easy Introduction

Congratulations. You stopped long enough to read this and get out of the task mindset. Often, clients ask me how to budget for marketing. As we are in unchartered territory, the usual “left-overs” approach to marketing will sink a business today.  At the core, it is not about the money. It is not about competition. […]

02 Sep 10 Michelle Cubas

Will Female Majority In the Workplace Force Changes?

The title of this article, The End of Men, prompted this post. I think it is deceiving. More accurately, it may mark the end of male domination in the workplace and be the final step toward pay parity. I am not a “basher” on any topic, especially the “battle of the sexes.” What I took […]

26 Jun 10 Michelle Cubas

Are You An Accidental Consultant?

There is a local group in Phoenix for Baby Boomers to connect called Boomerz. A recent notice came to me from them about “accidental consultant.” It tickled me, so, I am addressing the topic here. Rather than take a negative tack, here is my summary of what makes an accidental consultant. See how you track […]

03 May 10 Michelle Cubas

Binder Clips as Cable Catchers Redux – binder clips – Lifehacker

Binder Clips as Cable Catchers Redux – binder clips – Lifehacker See how simple life can be? These tools are in our hands every day. Creative, inexpensive organizational idea. I feel a marketing campaign coming on! How did the clip companies miss this one? -mc http://feeds2.feedburner.com/blogspot/qDYb c7e4232e6ad5e385652b43c83aeae033-1331863127

24 Mar 10 Michelle Cubas

What Have You Done To Earn A Place In My Inbox

When was the last time you were excited to open your email? How many items were there to support you and serve you in some capacity? How many items were there to “sell” you something? Disproportionate, huh. With Gen X and Y dominating the social media (not an indictment, simply an observation,) something jumps out […]

15 Jan 10 Michelle Cubas

Why Small Talk Gets Bad Rap

Anyone who “shows up” as a Thinker, Analytical or Problem Solver, this is for you. Chit chat or small talk is the bane of many people’s time. These are people who have not yet discovered the hidden gems embedded in the tiny conversation. Consider these tiny conversation highlights: 1. They provide a tone of voice […]

29 Sep 09 Michelle Cubas

Calling All Veterans Who Want To Start A Business

Sometimes frustration is the first cousin to necessity in regard to invention! I attempted almost a year to contact the Veteran’s Administration in Phoenix to offer this program. After ten months, I finally got an appointment. What I found was the idea had a better chance of survival launched by me as a private citizen […]

25 Aug 09 Michelle Cubas

Fairness May Be Genetic—Fill In The Blanks

Recent research shows that social primates have us beat on fairness to each other—Witness today’s horrendous healthcare chaos. Reported in the journal, Nature, led by Sarah Brosnan and Frans de Waal from Emory University and the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, “The study was built around tokens that the moneys could exchange for so-so cucumbers […]

25 Aug 09 Michelle Cubas

Secret Pal or Powerful Tool—Your Coach

Today The New York Daily News, in an article on business coaching, got me thinking about my profession. I was pondering what I bring to my clients as the article headliner chalked up the advantages of business coaching. One financial executive commented how much she liked the idea of talking though things she was dealing […]

25 Aug 09 Michelle Cubas

What Is Your R.I.S.K. Tolerance?

Anyone running, opening or selling a business take heed. Risk is a business element that is often side stepped. Initially, a simple check list can reveal areas that need closer scrutiny. Although a simplistic approach, this process makes it tangible and better able to be addressed. Items to consider:1. How long can your business operate […]

24 Aug 09 Michelle Cubas

Career Hunting?

Job hunting without a criteria is madness. Pocket Coach suggests some thoughts to minimize frustration: Create a table in Word.List your criteria that are deal breakersList questions you may have regardless of industry.What do you need to know about them? Several quick questions:• How do you determine “growth oriented companies”? They’re the likely ones to […]

14 Aug 09 Michelle Cubas

We’ve Sold the Soul of Marketing

Although this posting was during the campaign, I re-read it and found I could insert the word “competitor” instead of candidate. Cory Treffiletti was asking to look into the future. Timely posting during the political campaigns. I’d like to add a third slant to your either/or. As a marketer I’m aware of the sectors, objectives […]

14 Aug 09 Michelle Cubas

Mega Community Service

As we witness the parade of incompetence that has become our Congress, I cannot remain cynical when I find stories like this. This one is close to home. I know Joyce personally. Valley woman helps abuse survivors through art. I hope this energy inspires you to reach out in your own way.Community service is not […]

07 Aug 09 Michelle Cubas

Do you “Google?”

Official Google Blog: Do you “Google?” In my seminars, one objective I ask participants to think about, it what is necessary to make their products and services and memorable household word? Think FedEx, Kleenex, Coke and you’ve got it. From the likes of this article, Google doesn’t like the eponym impact on their name.Ubiquity has […]

17 Jul 09 Michelle Cubas

The Obama Dog Saga—Welcome Bo

At first glance, the puppy story seems superficial. I ask, “What’s important beneath the surface?” Why so much attention that made the rounds of the Sunday political shows. On the surface, I suggest the following ideas: Human interest story Comic relief Distraction from daily negativity. Also, my perspective leads me to this: The story is […]

12 Apr 09 Michelle Cubas

Are You Lost In Voice Mail Land?

Who’s Really In There Anvwav? Are You Lost In Voice Mail Land! First impressions still count. What does your voice mail say about you? Are you offering prospects and customers a tool to communicate with you or a multiple-choice test? The points to ponder may offer you a fresh perspective on voice mail as a […]

03 Apr 09 Michelle Cubas

Optimism Cures Many Ills

Nature is brilliant. She waxes and wanes to renew herself around the globe. We can learn much by observing and welcoming business cycles that mimic Mother Nature. Optimism is a gift of temperament from our chromosomal pool. It governs our outlook and approach and the driver for actions we will take or not. Take this […]

20 Dec 08 Michelle Cubas

Put Response Back into Responsibility

One of the easiest ways to build your credibility is to be responsive. The impact is resounding because your response is an indication of how you relate to the recipient. It is simple—if you are communicating outside yourself, there is a message you’re sending that you want someone to receive. Stating the obvious you might […]

10 Nov 08 Michelle Cubas

How Do You Listen?

Coach Cubas’ Debate Post-Mortem—What Can We Learn? The vice-presidential program ended with a huge sign of relief for the Republicans and Democrats. My comments will reflect tactics and technique rather than my personal comments about the candidates. This program didn’t resemble typical debate format:“Debate topics are worded so that one team must succeed and one […]

03 Oct 08 Michelle Cubas

Slow Time Strategy

Had enough of the “sky is falling” strategy?With a clear perspective this may a time ripe with opportunity for you and your business. Consider where you can serve others the most: What do they need more of now that times are tough? What is a small “nugget” you can offer at a low fee, perhaps […]

18 Sep 08 Michelle Cubas

September 11—America’s Newest National Holiday from the Heart

Take a moment to reflect on how fragile life is. It is a gift. Salute all the souls who suffered on the day and after—civilians and military, individuals and families. At some place, we will have the courage to stand up, be heard and shout, ENOUGH! The world doesn’t have to be like this. This […]

10 Sep 08 Michelle Cubas

We’ve Sold the Soul of Marketing

In Response to: Cory Treffiletti What Does The Future Look Like? Or, What I Read On My Summer Vacation Hi, Cory, Timely posting during the political campaigns. I’d like to add a third slant to your either/or. As a marketer I’m aware of the sectors, objectives and the “speak” that swirls around my profession. Here’s […]

10 Sep 08 Michelle Cubas

Build Your Business with 5 A’s

The most effective branding creates an emotional link between your message and the listener.Consider these 5 A’s when you want to rev your business engines: Arousal What are your assumptions about your prospects? Have you boxed yourself in based on faulty data?How do you know what they want? What methods do you use?Create desire and […]

08 Sep 08 Michelle Cubas


Likely, there are questions that you have thought about momentarily and quickly dropped because of your busy schedule. Right? Some of them are uncomfortable because thinking about them too long forces us to realize how much control and responsibility we do have over our responses, if not the actual circumstances. Here’s a tool I developed […]

05 Sep 08 Michelle Cubas

Words to Live By—Words Have Power

Let us gain strength in seeking out future. Stop taking “things” off the table. Everything rides. When I heard Speaker Pelosi declare taking impeachment off the table, I was struck by the death knell of futility for the Constitution. Rather, I say, “The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter […]

03 Sep 08 Michelle Cubas

Short Memories

This is my response to a Salon.com article by Joe Conason [2008-08-25]”If we must discuss plagiarism, let’s talk exorcism too.” Thank you for the candor in discussing the hypocrisy of politics. Joe, one blip was noticeable by its absence—Dan Quayle’s potato scandal (or was that famine?) Can Americans be so asleep or hypnotized to believe […]

25 Aug 08 Michelle Cubas

Five Ways to Elevate Your Business to the Next Level

Michelle Cubas Small and mid-size business owners often have the luxury of flexible time and scheduling. The flexibility means the time is made up somewhere else! This very asset can be a pitfall without a crystallized structure upon which to assess and process what happens with that time. Try these five approaches to start putting […]

24 Jul 08 Michelle Cubas

The Current Hoax from Pharoh’s Throne Room (Bush’s White House)

This tirade is a lesson in perspective, a key principle in coaching . . . How dare I comment when Keith Olbermann, takes center stage as the king of understatement and pun? Yet, weeks ago with Rachel Maddow, the two began to unravel Rumplestiltskin’s golden cord with the faint suggestion of how Michael Mukasey could […]

06 May 08 Michelle Cubas

Business Failure Is A Symptom

Let’s highlight an essential element of Business Literacy—Agility. This is such an integral success factor that The Malcolm Baldrige Quality Principles score points for this quality. The following relate to rigid mindsets that defy Business Literacy Use these as a checklist for your situation— Three reasons small businesses fail hard:1. Lack of planning, not funding. […]

28 Apr 08 Michelle Cubas

Want An Instant Intellect?

An instant benefit of an instant intellect is it is the cure for shallow conversations. So, what will you do with it? How can it serve you? Until one sees the value in developing such an asset, then the resources required to obtain it won’t be justified. It’s that simple. For those of you interested […]

28 Feb 08 Michelle Cubas

Business Literacy™ Stimulates Entrepreneurial and Personal Mastery

As a new year opens business owners are in a unique position to advance their companies if they tap into an “ opportunity window.” Whatever industry sector you occupy, people are psychologically more open for change as the year turns. Businesses can capitalize on this openness and benefit from insight, rather than insider information, by […]

28 Feb 08 Michelle Cubas

What is Business Literacy™?

Business Literacy™ drives my coaching practice. Find out more athttp://www.positivepotentials.com/businessliteracy.htm From working with thousands of business owners and employees, here are mythree reasons small businesses fail: 1. Lack of planning, not funding. If clients have formal business plan, they don’t bring it out. Lack of or a fractured written marketing plan. With managers and multi-tiered […]

01 Feb 08 Michelle Cubas

Are You A Coach or Consultant?

What is the difference between a consultant and a coach? Here is my simplistic explanation: Consultant:Coach:Fix it : Explore perspectivesProvide solutions : Encourage the client to consider optionsFocus on the problem : Focus on the personDirective “Telling” : Co-active, co-creative with the client. One of the first agreements my clients and I come to is […]

01 Feb 08 Michelle Cubas

Coach Cubas on the Candidates

Coach the Candidates ‘Tis the season to talk to my TV. I continue to elbow my husband on the arm and say, “Did you hear that?” or, “What she really means is . . .!” So what can we learn from my phantom coaching sessions with the T.V.? Words matter! Their sub-text matters more, and […]

01 Feb 08 Michelle Cubas

Conscious Incompetence

How do you turn an inept bon vivant into a world leader? You don’t. Under Karl Rove’s Zvengali act, a U.S. minority selected someone who is “Consciously Incompetent.” Plus, it seems it is contagious and the Democrat leadership contracted Conscious Incompetence. Democrats’ behavior and votes this past week in Congress is abominable.. This is a […]

15 Aug 07 Michelle Cubas

ESP, Entrepreneur Syndrome Practices™

As a business coach, I meet and train thousands of people a year, particularly company owners. Entrepreneurs are a unique set of clients. Michael Gerber nailed the experience in his E-Myth books.One element breaks through as the lead issue for entrepreneurs to tackle—How to get out of the TASK. I call it ESP, Entrepreneur Syndrome […]

15 Aug 07 Michelle Cubas

History Lesson

“Evil is allowed to happen when good people do nothing!” What’s up with all the intolerance and hate, Richard and Mel, for example? How about David Duke’s attach on Wolf Blitzer (Dec. 13) in The Situation Room? I heard a loud “thud” this past week reminiscent of Germany in the early ’40’s when Hitler took […]

14 Dec 06 Michelle Cubas

Special Comment about liars

We expect more from school children—to tell the truth. This is a chilling and long-overdue commentary on delusional thinking no matter what political leanings one holds. We’re loosing our grip. http://feeds2.feedburner.com/blogspot/qDYb c7e4232e6ad5e385652b43c83aeae033-1331863127

06 Nov 06 Michelle Cubas

Can We Market with Dignity?

Can a marketing process co-exist with dignity? It can when there is a clear company vision and a sense of service rather than pandering to the target audience. I contend there is a fine line between clever, cheap and desperate.So, the deal-breaker condition is setting boundaries. Around what, you might ask?Let’s peek back at the […]

01 Sep 06 Michelle Cubas

Business Not Personal? Think again . . .

How long have you had the perspective that business isn’t personal? Donald Trump drove home this point in many episodes of The Apprentice. I want to differ with Donald. With the $billions$ being spent on marketing and wooing customers and prospects, how can the “personal” be overlooked?What researchers may refer to as personal can border […]

30 Aug 06 Michelle Cubas

Virtues of Plain English

Remember when you were in elementary school and you wanted to use “big” words?There are still people functioning on that level in business and government. As an enterprise coach, I see the barriers companies place in their own waysby using puffed up language. My recommendation to all my clients, fromcorporations to sole proprietors, is to […]

26 Aug 06 Michelle Cubas

Growing Business Is Not Always About Expansion

My coaching practice keeps me current with community business issues. One in particular is networking. It’s like a mania here in Scottsdale, Arizona. A person could attend events all day here and never run out of meetings to attend. (Weight gain is a networking hazard.) In fact, some attendees are like groupies. There are seminar […]

26 Aug 06 Michelle Cubas

Back to School Mentality

Isn’t it strange how we mark time? Even in business today, Back to School is a season.People with children are geared to this concept. Think of it as a fresh start for your business, too.What are ways you can go back to school to advance yourcareer or position? Consider these ideas:• Refresh your interpersonal skills […]

25 Aug 06 Michelle Cubas

Down with Multi-Tasking!

By Michelle Cubas, Enterprise Business Coach, Positive Potentials LLC Multi-tasking is plate spinning. It is not the same as sequencing and planning the next step. It is an attempt to conduct several tasks simultaneously without focusing on a desired outcome from any one task. It is a selfish, greedy approach to get blood from a […]

18 Jul 06 Michelle Cubas

So, What’s Respect Anyway?

Do you believe in synchrodestiny—where actions, words and people “magically” connect at the same time? It happened to me this evening when I attended a local networking event. The speaker was an 85-year old man who was George Burns incarnate with Henny Youngman’s humor (one-liners for you youngsters.) The speaker DID say something profound; something […]

17 May 06 Michelle Cubas

What Would Oprah Do?

Entertainment is the late 20th-early 21st century’s religious experience. We are starving for connection, not information. So, we’ve accepted “stars” as manna from heaven. Why is it any surprise that Oprah would stand apart as a spiritual leader when that is what she is known for—lifting people’s spirits! Oprah lives her creed, she is generous, […]

13 May 06 Michelle Cubas

You’re already “There”

The shifting sands of contemporary business continually create competitive movement that may not be appropriate to your business. That lure can be costly and counterproductive. Like parenthood, who better than you to know what your “rules” are, what flys in your universe and what it takes to be successful. This must be communicated to those […]

13 May 06 Michelle Cubas
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