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5 Tips To Energize Your Job Search

17 Apr 12
Michelle Cubas
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A Twitter colleague asked me a pertinent question about job searching. I said I would respond in the blog. Let’s begin.

 5 Tips To Energize Your Job Search:

 1. What turns you on? What do you love to do even if you did not receive payment. Famous Footballer Dick Butkus shared that idea with me. I keep it in mind.

Do you enjoy doodling? What “make do’s” have you rigged up to make a task easier? For example, I have kitchen tongs that lost the slider clip that keeps them closed like for salad mixing. I put a thick rubber band at the base and it does the job. Could I patent that idea?

2. What three skills can you generalize into a field you have eyed from afar? Technology guru? Gadget master? How about mini seminars to show others who shrink with fear at the thought? Local community centers and colleges offer classes. Create an outline and see where it goes. How well do you organize your thoughts? These may be clues for new pursuits. Follow the trail to the lowest common denominator.

 3. How much additional training do you need to be adept at a new-to-you skill? You can be self taught. Start with How to sites the trail will be long, but you will be wiser at the end.

 4. Would you hire yourself? What first impression do you make? How is your vocal tone–whiny, nasally, robust, booming? Record your voice. Most phones have recording capability today. Listen as if you were answering a phone message and heard you. What is your reaction? How is your vocabulary? Are you using bloated language because you think it makes you sound smart?

 5. Dust off the credentials. Are you the sum total of a list of tasks? How do your personality and positive traits shine through? What is the freshest upgrade you have? What were life changing moments as you pursued your goals?

  • Once you have selected companies to put on your wish list, respond to what attracts you to it. 
  • Do you like their logo, colors, images on the website? What does a website or job posting bulletin say about the company culture that appeals to you? 
  • Does the language they use sound inclusive, diverse, progressive, and do you know if they promote from within? 
  • Keep a separate folder for each company on your computer. When you take action, record your progress.

This is a start. Please ask me questions.
Your comments and ideas are invaluable. Please share your strategies. Remember to interview the company as well. Show up curious and meaning business. If is something you want, ask for the position with examples of how you can handle similar circumstances. Good luck. Be fearless. The interviewer is scared too. They don’t do this everyday. MC
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