About Michelle Cubas, CPCC, ACC, & Positive Potentials LLC

“Relationships are the mark of my success, not income.”

Lifelong learning is a strong value for me. Richard Feyderman calls it in his book, The Pleasure of Finding Things Out.

Welcome to the joy of being yourself through coaching.

Clients enjoy the comfort and safety of our “shared space” that I hold open for them to explore perspectives and reach forward. There is room to stretch and breathe freely without judgment or fear of reprisal.

In the value of “showing up” for my clients, and a deep passion to serve, I wanted to be my personal best. My journey took me to CTI for formal training and ultimately coach certification. It was a life-changing experience and boosted my coaching skills and personal awareness in training and presenting with others. I bring all my experience to our sessions and training.


Michelle Cubas is a formally trained and certified enterprise business coach, behavior analyst, business blogger, author, and dynamic entrepreneur. She has walked in your shoes in multi-national corporations and business advisor for solopreneurs.

Michelle brings solutions and results to her clients quandaries. She offers award-winning brand marketing, public relations and corporate communications expertise founded on two decades of experience. Michelle consults with fledgling and international corporations, inspires business leaders to manage by values-driven principles and supports individuals seeking life and career fulfillment.

Leaders experience refined communication insights, active solutions, results and performance. Leaders hire Michelle to tap into her passion about her work and want it to stick onto their teams.

Fun to be the One and Only!

Michelle’s client research directly links Business Literacy™ to productivity. She is the only coach focused in these areas. Because of this premise, companies seek her progressive, tested human capital philosophy and diversity hiring systems. Corporate managers, entrepreneurs and business owners find her coaching systems peel away years of obstacles, inertia, self-defeating behavior and habits to forge new options for career and personal fulfillment.

Stalwart Midwestern Values and Work Ethic

Raised in Oak Park, Michigan, Michelle learned the stalwart Midwestern values and work ethic. A childhood dream was to move to California and be a Mouseketeer. Happily, but without the mouse ears, she moved to California in 1982 and began a new adventure with her two children.

Her next vision was to be part of a large corporation’s marketing department. That one manifested into a 13-year stint with two large companies, financial services and computers. Here is where Michelle honed her skills and talents enough to strike out on her own to serve the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) emerging market.

Literacy and Emotional Intelligence

The work with clients links literacy and emotional intelligence directly to performance and results for the entire company. Her motto is, “The one with the shortest learning curve LEADS!™” To support the shortest learning curve, a work place must provide safe space to develop ideas and the tools to inspire innovation.

Originally from Oak Park, Michigan, Midwestern values underscore her commitment and  values with her clients. She attended Michigan State, then graduated from Wayne State. In 1982, Michelle moved to California with her two children.


As a lifelong learner, Michelle earned a post graduate Corporate Communications Certificate from University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Selected as news bureau assistant, she worked in Public Affairs Department then moved on to marketing at Toshiba America’s Computers in Irvine, California, computer marketing communications department, where she forged her writing and design credentials.

She is a state-certified board examiner from the AQA (Arizona Quality Alliance) using Baldrige Quality Principles to evaluate and advance companies. Also, she is a state-certified community college instructor and conducts courses nationally in Leadership Potential to Reality, Business Language, Project Management, and Technical Writing.

As a marketing consultant, Michelle supports clients like through the City of Phoenix’s MTA program. She served on several boards of directors: American Marketing Association, Downtown Scottsdale Partnership, Scottsdale Chamber Educational Steering Committee and Camp CEO. Currently, she is a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation) and Peoria Chamber of Commerce.

Her methods support individuals seeking life and career fulfillment:

  • Team Emergence Coaching
  • Optimum Evolving Corporate Cultures “Petri Dish” Models
  • Board of Director Evolution
  • Coach-the-Coach training and certification support
  • Business Literacy™ for sustainable results and professional performance
  • Malcolm Baldrige Examiner (Process management, and Lean Manufacturing principles) to provide a map to fill gaps.

As an active community member, Michelle donates her expertise and mentors through programs like Camp CEO for female high-school students, Principal for A Day (City of Phoenix) and promotes the humanity in the everyday business process through chambers of commerce, educational forums and public events.

In 1994, Michelle founded Positive Potentials LLC and LifeSkills Seminars to bring her expertise to small and young companies. Her vision was fruitful and expanded into the greater Phoenix area in 1995. Currently, Michelle, her husband, Ted, and pooch live in Peoria, Arizona, enjoying the climate and access to her key constituents—Entrepreners and Visionaries!









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