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Are You A Coach or Consultant?

01 Feb 08
Michelle Cubas
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What is the difference between a consultant and a coach?

Here is my simplistic explanation:

Fix it : Explore perspectives
Provide solutions : Encourage the client to consider options
Focus on the problem : Focus on the person
Directive “Telling” : Co-active, co-creative with the client.

One of the first agreements my clients and I come to is how much interaction they want from me.
I “show up” for them no matter what.
I am not their parent so we define what accountability looks like and how they want to comply.
This attitude is helpful in goal-setting. We take the mystery out of it when the client realizes that goal setting identifies the tasks required to achieve their vision.
Goals are steps to achievement, not the achievement itself.

Please share with me your experiences in working with a coach.
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