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Are You An Accidental Consultant?

03 May 10
Michelle Cubas
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There is a local group in Phoenix for Baby Boomers to connect called Boomerz. A recent notice came to me from them about “accidental consultant.” It tickled me, so, I am addressing the topic here. Rather than take a negative tack, here is my summary of what makes an accidental consultant.

See how you track with this criteria:
1.    The masterful participant has unintentional good luck founded on emotional intelligence. This person knows how to read people and has a high likeability quotient. Listening to contacts and supporting others’ visions is a snap for this one.
2.    Exceptional curiosity about one’s surroundings abounds with this observant individual. This person finds opportunity in a thundercloud and would find a way to sell rain gear rather than give in to the weather.
3.    Networking is a sport and fun for this consultant. The energy of attending events and meeting people stirs this one’s soul. Rather than talking, our accidental consultant is listening around the room for cues, not clues, to engage and share to build rapport.
4.    Genuine humor and patience attract others’ attention. This lively sort emanates attractive energy that makes others curious about this person. There is an air of openness, calm and playfulness (not too serious) while being attentive to what is happening at the moment.
5.    Commitment to lifelong learning is rocket fuel for this energetic leader (perceived as such even if not in the driver’s seat.) This driver sees every situation as a learning laboratory. There is a kernel of knowledge in every circumstance and our Accidental Consultant makes it into viable contacts to pursue similar interests.

I invite your comments. -MC
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