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This program is designed for our returning military veterans and their spouses or partners from 2000-Current date.
Although veterans can be highly skilled, they may need time to decompress and to adjust to civilian life.

We can lend a hand.
Veterans, we encourage you to create a dream business or
promote yourself with confidence.

You’ve come to the right place to receive a strong start.

My colleagues and I can offer our returning military an enriching transitional experience.
Our engagement with our Veterans is a success factor.
No red tape, no bureaucracy, just genuine dreams. interest and concern
to support generous people who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms.
It is our turn to boost their abilities to fulfill their goals and help them reach toward their dreams.

Through my professional coaching practice and network, colleagues and I offer 10 hours of contributed
coaching to veterans in several ways as a thank you for their service:
1. Those interested in starting a business can build a plan. Biz4Vets assistance includes how to write an effective business and marketing plan.
2. Those wanting to refresh their re-entry work skills like for interviews receive savvy guidance and supportive practice. Assistance includes exposure to effective interviewing techniques, what is current in the market, attitude and business shifts, and tips to improve the hiring ratio.
3. Those wanting to know how to maximize their credentials, we can “package” and market you as a product. We brand you with professionally produced résumés and cover letters based on your specialty skills and credentials.
4. We are hear to listen to what they need to move forward. We want to know you and listen to your experience. This session is usually recorded and can be used for future reference.

As a former USO (United Service Organization) entertainer, I served our troops in the
Northeast Command. The experience taught me how important it is to welcome our warriors home and provide a path to their civilian success.

Register your interest here:

Please click here email to register.

Veterans, please share your ideas on your application.

Once registered and application is received, I will review the material and call you within 24 hours with further details and placement.

Coach Michelle Cubas Michelle Cubas

Welcome Home, Vets!

Sponsors and Supporters—We welcome your help:

Sponsors and participant coaches are key success factors for this program. Sponsors can also be employers and referrals to our participants. It’s a complete circuit with tireless energy to serve.

Coaches interested in participating in the Biz for Vets™ Registry.
Click here email
. Please put COACH in the Subject Line.

Sponsors looking for a worthwhile cause, click here email.
Please put SPONSORS in the Subject Line.

Sponsors are key components for the success of this program.

The pilot and business materials are supported by your participations.

We are starting locally and plan to go global within six months.

Here are the marketing benefits your participation provides:

1. A 12-month listing on our website as a sponsor at your chosen level.

2. Ezine spotlight of your company name, website and company description in our quarterly ezine.

3. You receive a logo bug to put on your materials to announce your generous support.

4. You are mentioned in our media materials with website.

5. Receive a formal thank you for our veteran recipient with a description of how they used your generous support and services.

Sponsorship Tiers:

Individuals $25

Small businesses (1-5 employees) $    120

Companies (6-25 employees)          $    750

                 (26-250 employees)          $      75

               (251-500 employees)          $1,200

            (500+ employees              $5,000

Thank you for considering the support of our troops.


Michelle Cubas, CPCC, ACC

Enterprise Business Coach

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