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Build Your Business with 5 A’s

08 Sep 08
Michelle Cubas
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The most effective branding creates an emotional link between your message and the listener.
Consider these 5 A’s when you want to rev your business engines:


What are your assumptions about your prospects? Have you boxed yourself in based on faulty data?
How do you know what they want? What methods do you use?
Create desire and urgency with your offerings. How are you dropping breadcrumbs so you can be found?
It’s time for serious fun! You can be professional and still have fun. Make it appropriate to the occasion.


What you do is driven by who you are! There is no distinction between personal and business behavior.
Remember why you are in business.

  • What grade do you give your Friendship Factor, trust, love and money that surrounds you.
  • What attitudes do you hold in your universe?
  • Practice non-competitive thoughts and attitudes. Set your own pace.
  • What’s your personal focus—service or servitude?
  • Adaptability and flexibility are your friends.


  • Develop TQ-itis.
  • Share and give credit to others.
  • Demonstrate appreciation for those around you.
  • Be generous and responsive with industry data.
  • Congratulate someone everyday for a contribution.


  1. Create a clear message
  2. Teach others how to find you and how to do business with you.
  3. Use the tools you have more effectively to touch your prospects and customers:
  • Voice Mail
  • Collateral
  • Electronics


  • Share the possibilities.
  • Mentor, role modeling—believe in knowledge transfer.
  • Share your aspirations
  • Become a master storyteller and intrigue people.

Assignments to practice this:
• Schedule a weekly meeting with yourself to discuss why you are in business.
• Encourage feedback from clients, prospects, public, family, friends. Call two existing clients a week just because.
• Explore what makes you an expert—share it with someone.
• Make a list of what you dislike most about your business and hire someone else to do it!
• Give yourself a raise!

Reach out and lighten a load! It feels great, too.

Your coach,
Michelle Cubas
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