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05 Sep 08
Michelle Cubas
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Likely, there are questions that you have thought about momentarily and quickly dropped because of your busy schedule. Right? Some of them are uncomfortable because thinking about them too long forces us to realize how much control and responsibility we do have over our responses, if not the actual circumstances.
Here’s a tool I developed for people suffering from decision reluctance. Use the O-Principle™— Create Balance in Unstable Circumstances.
I offer you this “tool” that has worked wonders for me.
OPTIONS lead to OPPORTUNITIES = which create OPTIMISM when you have an emotional OUT!

Here are suggested ways to use the O-Principle:

  1. Develop Option Mindedness–Plan B Thinking
  2. Use decision making vs. absolutism.
  3. ELIMINATE the use of phrases like “From now on, never again”.
  4. Monitor your self-talk (that little voice that wants to always be in charge!) It will try to paint you into a corner to promote fear motivation! Just be aware.

Plan for Panic and you will always be prepared!
Like companies, prepare a crisis plan. It helps to eliminate worry.
(“What will the children do if there’s an earthquake?”
What do I do if I get a flat tire? What if I lose my job?”)
For example, a positive solution may be a cellular phone to be used as a security tool when used for emergencies only.
Think 15 seconds ahead and observe what is going on around you in the office, on the street, in a parking lot, or even standing in line at the movies. Becoming attuned to your surroundings can save your life!

Plot your place in the universe.

  • Choose who you are. Have you let circumstance and others’ opinions draw the outline of who you are?
  • Being an ACTIVE life player requires that you make mistakes.
  • Being PASSIVE requires that you are a spectator, gaining limited experience and depriving yourself of vital information to improve your decision-making process, which leaves less options.
  • Suggestions: Review the comments you’ve heard others say about you over the past few years. Pay particular attention to repetitions or patterns you can identify?

It is so simple, really. The less fear to hold us back broadens our information base which allows more information at your disposal thereby creating more options and opportunities. Your outlook is optimistic and brighter because you feel more control over your decisions. Once you don’t feel stuck in a place you naturally move forward just by making a choice. Choice creates freedom. But freedom without responsibility is chaos. SO-O-O . . . it’s all up to you.
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