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Team hands in sml More than another pair of helping hands, the business analysis and coaching services Positive Potentials providees accelerate and streamline what you already do and need to do to advance. Step into the path that best-in-class-companies have done for decades—have their team members break from mediocrity into peak performance and fulfillment. Have the blind spots removed and a clear, obstacle-free path to your next promotion, project, and adventure!

Why do Corporate Executives, Solopreneurs, Business Owners and Motivated Individuals benefit from coaching?

  • Personalized attention and focus on the individual.
  • A safe, judgment free zone to explore and master potential outcomes
  • Convenient, easy to use sessions targeting your hot spots and gaps of strategy and knowledge.

My team and I serve you and your team in many ways:

  • Executive and Corporate/Peer-to-Peer coaching
  • Personal Strategy/Emotional Intelligence Coaching and assessments and advisory services
  • PSLP ( Personal Strategic Life Plan™)
  • Advanced personal and business strategic planning/M. A. P. (my action plans)
  • Executive, Company Acculturation and Team Development
  • Demand for Your Brand™ and Market Positioning Consulting
  • In-the-Trenches customized training—Project management, strategic implementations, emotional intelligence assessments
  • Up-Ended Marketing™—a secret vault of message creation, social media plans and image branding series—small business/executive certification curriculum
  • Pertinent Business Presentations—keynotes, conference sessions and break-out meeting speaker
  • Business Publishing—blogging, article writing editorial services and ghostwriting
  • Demystification of Social Media—set up, monitoring, podcasts, newsletters, e-zines and strategic web copy to promote your message
  • Executive Briefings, Board Development and Meeting Facilitation

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