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Do you “Google?”

17 Jul 09
Michelle Cubas
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Official Google Blog: Do you “Google?”

In my seminars, one objective I ask participants to think about, it what is necessary to make their products and services and memorable household word? Think FedEx, Kleenex, Coke and you’ve got it.

From the likes of this article, Google doesn’t like the eponym impact on their name.
Ubiquity has carried the downside of diluting the brand, but wouldn’t you want everyone to know your name?

The question becomes if one can Google on another site away from G. It feels miserly when I think about it.
Why not Google anywhere, like making a Xerox or blowing your nose into a Kleenex?

Go for the eponym—when the name becomes synonymous with the product. Memorable for sure. The consumer won’t have trouble asking for it the next time either. This is a magnetic way to assure repeat business. Try it.

1. Gather five images (no words) about your work.
2. Describe the images with three words each.
3. Relate the images, words and your intention from your work.

If they work together, it can be powerful. Good luck.
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