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Entrepreneur Mastery Academy Insights

04 Apr 15
Michelle Cubas
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EMBAlogo Your Always On Resource to Support Your Concepts and Courage as an Entrepreneur or Intra-Preneur!

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A key hallmark of real entrepreneurs is a thirst for learning. They are knowledge seekers. That’s one way they attract followers to their vision.

Often demonstrating innate emotional intelligence, these masterful “idea weavers” create wealth and opportunity for those around them and themselves.

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A KPI (key performance indicator) of entrepreneurs is their ability and capacity to envision the entire outcome, warts and all. Then, they can attract the talent they need to manifest what they “see.”

Another KPI is persistence, especially in the face of failure. They keep on going until they get where they want to be! Imagine inspiring such a trait in a corporate team, often up against political obstacles.

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