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How New Paradigms Affect Your Company Culture

18 May 11
Michelle Cubas
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This article raises several salient issues that are emerging as the core of new companies.
One comment sounded the death knell for the top-down driven organization. The model has been on the downslide since the 1990’s. Large corporations will have difficulty with this one especially since they associate power with offices and titles.
Also, this discussion makes the most sense about social media, the outlets, measurement and influence.
Carolyn Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit, supports the writer’s findings as well. She describes how we have moved from a tribal mindset, through the independent mindset and must embrace an interdependent mindset to continue our evolution as people and a species.
Another important resource is Peter Senge’s work, The Fifth Discipline, on the learning organization.
This is a lively topic for debate and I welcome your insights. Please comment below.
Your coach,
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