How to Assess The Business Literacy™ of Your Team—Part 1

Business Literacy™ Stimulates Entrepreneurial and Personal Mastery—1

In this series, I will share the traits, actions and strategies pertaining to entrepreneurs I’ve gathered over two decades. Business Literacy™ adds order to chaos and reason to scattered efforts and information.

Entrepreneurs are a special breed, transcending the definition of “somebody who sets up and finances new commercial enterprises to make a profit.” 1

Entrepreneurs’ brains must look different than others. They possess a reserve of dream power, almost magical abilities to project ideas and gather enthusiasm from people listening and wanting to jump into their vision. This cannot be taught.

What CAN be taught is how to build a strong business foundation and marketing machine that drives the vision and subsequent products and services into the marketplace.

Let’s begin with Business Literacy™ (BL) —

  • Entrepreneurs can use Business Literacy™ as a powerful tool for businesses or service firms because of its cross-cutting effects (). BL is steeped in one’s functionality, talents and innate skills. It is the foundation for entrepreneurial actions.
  • Begin to explore the elements of what you’re doing and examine them with a positive, learning lens, not a punitive one. (This issue is a top coaching issue because coaching supports the client to chunk down the larger “boulders” into manageable “pebbles.”)
  • Use BL as a method to shift your energy from DO to VIEW. Once engaged, this perspective shift changes everything you have believed until this moment. Entrepreneurs love coaches to bounce ideas as they are sorting through the deconstructed “rubble” then want to construct the discoveries.
  • Coaching offers smart and well-educated people a sounding board. You may otherwise overlook the simplest elements to achieve fulfillment and performance goals, because you may have a blind spot or want to avoid risk. BL serves you to encompass the meta-view (from all around) when you are too close to the issues. The objective is not to avoid risk, but to manage it.

You can submit your issues to Coach Cubas at with a question that keeps you up at night. Trade in your antacid for a good night’s sleep when you know Coach Cubas is watching out just for you.

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Michelle Cubas, Enterprise Business Coach and founder of Positive Potentials LLC is a 2007-08 grant recipient from the City of Phoenix. She brought Positive Potentials to Arizona in 1995 from California. She has co-authored two books and targets fall 2015 for the release of her new book, The Broken Social Contract. 480-510-7166.


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