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Join the VMP™ to boost your Emotional Intelligence

08 Jan 16
Michelle Cubas
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Following Carolyn Myss’ model of cultural development, humans moved from a dependent to independent mindset as cultural developed. Myss contends the next effective step will be interdependence.

After several company projects, I recognized a universal gap that prevented the leadership from moving the organization forward. I initiated the VMP™ process as a response to that gap. My method simplifies a huge benefit to companies who need a resurgence of energy and perspective in their development.

Quick Background . . .

My take is that the business management paradigm began shifting in the 1980s toward greater cooperation, in part, forced by an Asian influence of quality circles and interactive communication. The auto industry saw the impact first hand. The American style was top-down, do your job and do not talk back to the boss.

To trim waste and open silos with cross communication between departments, new systems appeared. In the expanding global economy, supply chain changes became critical because of cross-cultural influences as well as production issues.

Today, we have lean manufacturing models like Kanban. The Gemba Walk is another perspective to add information and streamline processes. Although focused on manufacturing, service companies can benefit by learning about these systems and how they may offer pathways to continuous improvement in their own ranks.

VMP Benefits . . .

The mask of uncertainty is removed. PersonShadowHoldingMaskReal issues are addressed

The mastermind approach has a long history of success. Consider the guilds of Europe. People saw the power of pooling ideas and resources to advance.

In America, at the start of the 20th century, Napoleon Hill, in his Think and Grow Rich best seller, advocated for mastermind groups as a success tool. He discussed the power of engaging the energy and respected people’s ideas to generate further creativity and innovation that pointed to a joint goal. This is the lynch pin—everyone is focused on a singular outcome and the group energy is applied toward how it will be achieved.

Facilitation and Implementation . . .

Objectivity is a KSF, key success factor. That is why the VMP approach is effective. It is apolitical and distant from the work-a-day entanglements that accumulate within companies and small businesses.

  1. The key for effective application is facilitation. It is critical to have a mix of mindsets so as not to create a “group think” environment.
  2. There must be solid ground rules.
  3. Most of all, participants must feel they are safe to express themselves and honor a code of confidentiality.

It is divided into two parts: Form to Function and Emotional Intelligence.

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To learn more how this powerful process can serve you and your enterprise, please contact me directly at 480-510-7166 for a complimentary consultation.






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