Marketing Tools You Can Use Instantly!

Be sure to collect your coins by registering. You can redeem them for coaching, services and products.

Be sure to collect your coins by registering. You can redeem them for coaching, services and products.

When creating marketing or writing in your blog, The 3-Edit Rule comes in handy.

The 3-Edit Rule is something I use myself as well as recommend to clients.

Here are the three steps:

  1. The first round is always a brainstorming with client or self.
  2. The second round is reforming what came out.
  3. The third round is more clear so it can stand on it’s own. From there it can always be refined again using the “3 Edit Rule.”

The success key here is: no judgment, just evolution. Staying in evolution promotes the promise and hope and discovery part of the writing process.

Do you have a rich vocabulary?

So, how can you use the appropriate language for your article, blog, or ad copy? The reader is the first element to consider. You want to connect at an emotional level with the reader or listener for an audio presentation.

  • Be sure to identify words the reader or listener can relate to.
  • Create images with your words so the reader or listener can visualize what you are saying.
  • Learn more about communication styles and what appeals to each style. For example, people identified by “squiggly lines” use descriptive language, lots of adjectives, while the “triangle” loves facts and lists. I will discuss this more in another post.

“My experience shows that if the intended recipient lacks understanding, vocabulary is too general, and the audience doesn’t relate to the message, there is a communication failure.” M. Cubas

Positive Potentials’ Marketing Tools You Can Use Instantly

  • Blueprint Marketing Map with metrics to measure your progress.  (This is a working guide to be sure all elements are covered before going to the final plan.)
  • Define your Media, Image Management and Business Publishing Strategy. Use a matrix to show interaction between each element. If there are dependencies, identify potential bottlenecks.
  • Social Media Grid to chart what messages go out for posting. Hubspot has a terrific one.
  • What are you doing to incorporate multi-generational and multi-cultural Impacts in Your Business Plan?
  • Collect images and stories that describe your business. Your logo is the strongest branding element so be sure you are creating the impact you want.
  • Select a media spokesperson for your company. That individual must prep and practice to be able to dynamically represent your company on a moment’s notice.
  • Review and revise phone messages. Listen for tone, pace and quality of voice. What impression do you want to leave?

Don’t worry about doing this alone. Our Editorial Services encompass these core practices. Call Michelle Cubas to schedule a time to link all these components together—480-510-7166 or email Michelle for a personal response.

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