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Optimism Cures Many Ills

20 Dec 08
Michelle Cubas
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Nature is brilliant. She waxes and wanes to renew herself around the globe. We can learn much by observing and welcoming business cycles that mimic Mother Nature.

Optimism is a gift of temperament from our chromosomal pool. It governs our outlook and approach and the driver for actions we will take or not.

Take this mini-guesstimate to see how your optimism can serve you: Scale 1-5 (5=most likely)
1. I give up easily when things don’t go my way.
2. I see opportunities when others see work.
3. I know there is another way to produce results.
4. I know when to pick up my marbles and leave.
5. I am able to look around and declare a course of action from my circumstances.
6. Life is a series of events that I have no control over.
7. My vision of where I want to head into is very clear to me.
8. I’m not put off by others’ negative input.
9. I can take in feedback then make a solid decision easily.
10. This, too, shall pass and I am prepared for what’s ahead.

If you like, you can email your responses for discussion to me at

Happy holidays!

Your coach,
Michelle Cubas

Excerpt from Organic Marketing™, Positive Potentials LLC

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