Organizational Mapping and Board Development

If you engage more than one person in your workflow, this is likely one of the most important pages Positive Potentials offers at this site.Goal on wht bd

Organizational Mapping is a process. It is often short-stopped because of attention drawn away from the core action to constant fire stomping. Happily, I see there is positive change on the horizon.

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The process transcends the arcane organizational chart. It is a treasure map to understand the purpose of a company or organization and how the functions interact. It is like looking into a microscope and watching cellular division! It is a living organism.

Until present time, the structure was treated as a fixed, rigid, and linear organization. In this section, I will continue to report on tactics and techniques you can use within your office or department to promote sleek effectiveness and meaningful performance founded on purpose.

The integrated matrix of an organization is round. I created this graphic for the EMBA (Entrepreneurial Mastery of Business Assets) program to train new entrepreneurs for chambers of commerce. See it here: CommerceCircle

It will provide a snapshot of an idea for you to begin to realign the components of your company so they are highly focused, trim and dynamic.


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