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Put Response Back into Responsibility

10 Nov 08
Michelle Cubas
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One of the easiest ways to build your credibility is to be responsive. The impact is resounding because your response is an indication of how you relate to the recipient.

It is simple—if you are communicating outside yourself, there is a message you’re sending that you want someone to receive. Stating the obvious you might say? Think again and how many times people respond based on their own needs like when they’ll call you back—at their earliest convenience.

Consider easy ways to do this:

  • Actions can be fun, healthy and full of personal reward.
  • Action changes your perspective.
  • Action moves circumstances forward.
  • Action is the antidote for procrastination—helps to avoid “getting ready to get ready.”
  • Action underscores your commitment to change the status quo.

What outcomes can you recall when you took positive action? Please email examples to begin a dialogue.

Remember, reacting is impulsive while responding takes a step back and assess the situation. Running from a burning building is a life-saving reaction. Jumping between relationships, jobs, is not.

Keep your eye on the ball to focus your energy and use action to head into your future.
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