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16 Jun 13
Michelle Cubas
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CPCC_FINAL CTI-Certified CPCC and Formally Trained Co-Active Coach


Coaching/Professional and Personal
Are you really who you think you are?

                Feel like you’re off track?

                            No results to show for your efforts?
There is a more direct way to achieve fulfillment and find support in your work and personal life. Being with a coach lays the foundation to your future. Coaching propels you forward! Let’s build your blueprint today. Can you benefit from a Personal Strategic Life Plan rather than abandon your goals and dreams?

Coaching Process and Business
Through coaching we return purpose to work and return people to their business.™
Positive Potentials is the first and only business and executive coaching practice that introduces Business Literacy™ as a coaching tool. As a coaching company, we offer our clients a benefit of personal and career advancement and fulfillment. Beyond the increased performance factor for their companies, clients express how they enjoy more personal freedom, less stress and clarity of thought built on a values foundation they can apply to any circumstance that appears.

My work with entrepreneurs shows 65% of them jumping over the cliff without a written business plan. Worse yet, if they have a blueprint “napkin strategy,” (I know Southwest Airlines did well with that) there is no strategic MARKETING PLAN to drive the commercial engine and no benchmarks for success. It is no surprise that everyone is more productive when the direction is clearly stated.


Remember—”The One With The Shortest Learning Curve LEADS!”™ M. Cubas

Business Literacy™ includes:

  • Literacy includes competency in all business communications, presentations and writing skills as they apply to creating a corporate strategy, promoting a business message or drafting a memo.
  • Literacy includes the associates’ pace of reading and comprehension.
  • Literacy directly affects internal communications quality, which reduces errors and heightens clarity.
  • Literacy includes practiced and encouraged interpersonal skills like courtesy, manners, tolerance and awareness. It can be learned through an effective human relationship style development program.
  • Literacy directly affects productivity and results of the entire company.

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