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Reward yourself and collect your Coach Cubas Coins . . .

03 Sep 15
Michelle Cubas
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Rewards make the world go round. That’s why I created the Coach Cubas Coins.

They are a fun way to connect and redeem for products and services because you took the time to check in. Also, the coins are useful to reward your team members and keep them engaged with what’s important to you and how they can commit to continuous improvement.

Contemporary research shows the main issue in retaining top-tier employees is engagement or the lack of it. Although most people would think money is the big motivator, engagement is the lynch pin to employee loyalty and retention.

The following mantra is a constant reminder to me to reward others and myself:

Be sure to collect your coins by registering. You can redeem them for coaching, services and products.

That which gets measured gets done.

That which gets done, gets rewarded.

That which gets rewarded, gets repeated.

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