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Secret Pal or Powerful Tool—Your Coach

25 Aug 09
Michelle Cubas
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Today The New York Daily News, in an article on business coaching, got me thinking about my profession. I was pondering what I bring to my clients as the article headliner chalked up the advantages of business coaching.

One financial executive commented how much she liked the idea of talking though things she was dealing with. So, I asked myself, “What is that really, especially in a business setting?”

  • Being heard and acknowledged
  • Guided to or off the ledge!
  • Safety without concern of others’ perceptions
  • Invisible to their colleagues, family and friends
  • Watching my clients’ backs.

Of course, circumstances are mightily different in a corporate setting where much of the structure—mission, vision, values, for example, are already etched—from business owners, sometimes themselves consultants who use a coach differently.

How would you benefit from using a business coach, life coach? One of the best tools you can bring to your life and career is auditioning different coaches. You’ll learn something from each one. Most offer a complimentary session to measure a fit. I welcome your input.

Life and career are entwined because how do we take the humanity and life out of the person? Evidence litters the landscape with how people have fared poorly in large companies, suffered burnout, and have lost their way, their relationships, and their sense of purpose. Coaching supports how to integrate and enrich each aspect of a client’s life.

Coaching is a personal process through which clients process their humanity and their connections to compose and sustain fulfillment in their lives. It is a transparent process of a client meeting the self, dreams and desires.

Often at networking groups I introduce myself as a tuning fork or a Muse to draw upon a creative energy that may be tired, resistant or just plain lazy. Coaching works to link your intentions to commitment while we advance your career or business and your life.

The ultimate key for me is how I show up for my clients no matter what their condition. With their permission, they count on me for an unfiltered, clear reflection of what they bring to coaching.

I simply listen and guide, celebrate in concert and show up. With coaching, we can move mountains! —mc
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