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September 11—America’s Newest National Holiday from the Heart

10 Sep 08
Michelle Cubas
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Take a moment to reflect on how fragile life is. It is a gift.
Salute all the souls who suffered on the day and after—civilians and military, individuals and families.

At some place, we will have the courage to stand up, be heard and shout, ENOUGH!

The world doesn’t have to be like this.

This is not about eradicating opposing views. I’m tired of being choked by people ramming their ideaologies down my throat. Live your version of what Life means and let the rest of us live ours.

What is the difference between protecting people’s views and having others’ views rule the day? There is a fine line, and when we find it, the lies will stop.

What’s that sound, you say? It’s freedom ringing untethered from the hostage takers who need to right rather than fair, who want to rule rather than share, who want to be at the front of the line to take more than their fair share rather than serve.

There are many roads to awareness. They begin in the heart.


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