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25 Aug 08
Michelle Cubas
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This is my response to a article by Joe Conason [2008-08-25]”If we must discuss plagiarism, let’s talk exorcism too.”

Thank you for the candor in discussing the hypocrisy of politics. Joe, one blip was noticeable by its absence—Dan Quayle’s potato scandal (or was that famine?)

Can Americans be so asleep or hypnotized to believe that people wouldn’t have differing opinions? Heavens, look into personal experience with family members and friends. It is healthy to have different views on issues. Ultimately, the leader must take it all in and make decisions based on fact, perceptions and what’s available.

Why do we have different rules for a jury than we have for decisions? My view—we allow for intuition in our decisions where juries must produce a verdict based on the evidence. What we seem to forget is that “facts” change so opinions, therefore, can change. Didn’t we just throw Pluto out of our solar system last year? I learned that it was a planet while I was in school. Now, I have a new view. Truth depends on who is in power at the moment—think Galileo.

Politics is about power and how people lust for power and will do anything to obtain it. Shakespeare summed up human nature in his works (also, Will’s works debated about how much of Sir Frances Bacon’s influence appeared!) Oh, is nothing sacred? That book, too, the Bible, was scrutinized differently with the Dead Sea Scroll finds. What we know for sure is there are no absolutes and that change is certain.

Come on, People. Can you say CHANGE (Use Mr. Rogers voice, not the Buddy-can-you-spare-a-dime stuff)? Since when does change have an age limit? Change is a process, actually a transformation from one point to another. It is constant and makes people nervous because they don’t know what comes next.

So, Obama doesn’t own the concept. Things will change with or without him. I think he could’ve selected a more precise description for his campaign—CATALYST. A catalyst inspires change without having the change impact it.

Enjoy the next two weeks of frenzy. Things will change.

Michelle Cubas, Enterprise Business Coach
In response to By Joe Conason [2008-08-25]
If we must discuss plagiarism, let’s talk exorcism too
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