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How many times have you found yourself repeating procedures and processes to your team members?

This linked article offers prudent advice to avoid time wasters.


Positive Potentials is  promoting simplicity as a goal for 2014. The recommendations in this post align well with simplicity. _______________________

One of the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Principles is agility.

How can being agile serve you?

Also, find out how Emotional Intelligence measures your capacity for agility.

Try it out here:

1. What makes you lose patience with people?

2. How willing are you to do something with a big payoff but no pay?

3. What is the one trait about yourself you’d like to adjust?

4. When do you get in your own way?

5. What is a major trigger for you to resort to outbursts?

Please copy and paste the above questions from here and forward your responses to me.

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