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Thinking outside the box? Why are you in the box at all?

18 Feb 14
Michelle Cubas
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Everyone talks about thinking outside the box.
My questions is, “Why are you in ’the box’ in the first place?

You may find deeper insights here to generate your thinking cap:

·      First, whose box is it?
·      Who said it was a good idea?
·      Why is it important to be in a box?
·      What do you get from the structure or boundary the box offers?
o  Fear
o  Need for structure
o  Unsure about the future
o  Want to contain a situation
Try on a new perspective and ask what your life and career look like without the box. Write it down and reflect on it at a later time.

What could be another metaphor you can use that has a positive framework around it?
For example, how about writing your own Instruction Manual for raising kids, managing your finances, or planning a big event in your life, like a wedding. 
The Payoff:
By being the author, you retain and enliven your power to be your best. When you’re in a box, it was someone else’s “bright” idea. Own your own™!
Let me know how it goes. Text to 480-510-7166 for five Coach Cubas Coins ($75 value)

Your Coach,
Michelle Cubas, CPCC, ACC
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