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Use the “F” Word at Work: FUN

13 Oct 16
Michelle Cubas
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In today’s stressful work environment, fun must be baked in to our workflow to offer comic relief. Leaders must encourage humor and positive expression to slice through the thick veil of cynicism and stress.

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A fun thing I read about was beginning each sales or staff meeting with 10 minutes of stand up comedy, open mic format. Team members would sign up to participate. Of course, rules of engagement are key regarding use of language and civility. This method opens the team to receive in a more welcoming environment.

Also, a fun item I led on a team building exercise was with a company that had themes around team projects that could be completed in three hours. Ours was to build a soap-box style race car and develop the excitement around it. Each member had an assignment. We wrote a team song and slogan and created a logo to be put on the side of the car. We had a squad that made up a cheer for supporting our team during the race. A driver was chosen that best fit into the car and two “pit” people were assigned to push! The other teams had different themes and a great time was had by all. It brought everyone together by the time dinner was served that evening.

Fun also opens the mind to innovation. Consider Google and its environment of collaboration and fun with ping pong tables and food bars. They did their homework and know when people are relaxed and open, they are “ready to receive” creative ideas.

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How do you use a welcoming fun environment at your workplace? Please send your feedback to Smile! -MC



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