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What Have You Done To Earn A Place In My Inbox

15 Jan 10
Michelle Cubas
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When was the last time you were excited to open your email?
How many items were there to support you and serve you in some capacity?
How many items were there to “sell” you something?
Disproportionate, huh.

With Gen X and Y dominating the social media (not an indictment, simply an observation,) something jumps out at me. Their sense of relationship is different than mine. Their social skills or lack of them are glaring. I see it with clients who want to know and understand how to “network.” They think it’s a surgical procedure we can implant in them.

News flash “ozone-0-sphere”™—Relationships are cultivated, yes, like a garden. They require attention, resources like time and care. So, how does an ad in my inbox do that?

My point diverts from the opt-in issues. This is about why so many people think they know what I need—and they haven’t asked nor do I know them.

Quick tip—please use plentifully:
Each contact I have and make is accompanied with the promise that I will only offer relevant information relative to what we’ve shared or I learned a topic is of particular importance to them.
When I forward an article or make a call, it is with intention. I want to “show up” and serve my contact. It’s simple really.

Interestingly, it’s the authentic care and attention that is my best marketing tool. People like that they are being heard, served and supported. It can be as simple as pronouncing and spelling someone’s name right.

Often in our “humongous” spheres of contact, we make little of our spheres of influence. That is what I take seriously.

Want to make a difference? Make someone’s day by acknowledging, caring and supporting who they are. –MC
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