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What is Business Literacy™?

01 Feb 08
Michelle Cubas
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Business Literacy™ drives my coaching practice. Find out more at

From working with thousands of business owners and employees, here are my
three reasons small businesses fail:

1. Lack of planning, not funding. If clients have formal business plan, they don’t bring it out. Lack of or a fractured written marketing plan. With managers and multi-tiered businesses, buy-in is critical to run throughout the organization.
2. Don’t listen to advisory input; unilateral decision, stubborn leadership; want to do everything alone.
Entrepreneurs often don’t know when to hire expertise because won’t ask. The situation can be like the jokes about men asking for directions (TQ GPS!)
3. Focused on widgets rather seeing over the horizon then working back.

Once clients recognize Positive Potentials’ mantra—they must move from DO to VIEW™. Too many managers are bogged down in the tasks rather than driving the process and focusing the vision.

What do you think?

Coach Cubas
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